Access to technology from universities, industry and hundreds of federal labs across the country.

Access to Technology

Federal Laboratory Technologies

In 2010, the Center for Innovation was designated a Partnership Intermediary by the U.S. Departments of Defense, Agriculture and Homeland Security as well as the National Institutes of Health under the provisions of title 15 U.S.C., Section 3715. The agreements authorize the Center for Innovation to facilitate cooperative or joint activities between Federal Labs and educational institutions and industry. These services include patent license agreements, cooperative research and development agreements, material transfer agreements and educational partnership agreements.

The TechComm program of the Center for Innovation was established to provide access, on a national scale, to more than 40,000 patents and 100,000 individual researchers from over 300 labs from these federal agencies.

University Technologies

The Center for Innovation is building a national network of research-oriented universities through the TechComm Affiliate Partner Program. This provides participant universities the opportunity to collaborate with federal labs and industry and the possibility of public and private funding for their research and subsequent commercialization.

Industry Technologies

The Center for Innovation and its industry affiliates are working to highlight the importance of market-driven innovation. This ensures market relevance in the definition of federal and university research priorities, with the possibility of increased public-private funding for such research.